Bespoke services
With our in house workshop and design team we are pleased to offer bespoke work whether you have an item of jewellery that you no longer enjoy wearing, or you are no longer happy with, we are able to give advice and discuss your options regarding having the item remounted or remodelled. Or simply If you have an idea in mind for a piece of jewellery and you are unable to find what you are looking for, we offer a bespoke service whereby your ideas can become a reality.


Jewellery Repairs
At some point, regardless of how careful we are, like anything, our jewellery will require maintenance or repair.

Here at Maude’s we offer a comprehensive repair service that includes silver jewellery, gold jewellery, ring sizing, replating, stone setting, pearl and bead re-stringing and much more.

We also offer a ring and jewellery cleaning service with a quick turnaround so why not pop in when you’re next passing and bring those favorite pieces back to life.

jewellery repairs maudes


There are many reasons to have a valuation of your jewellery. Whether you require it for the purposes of an insurance policy renewal, as a result of a loss or theft, for probate purposes, or simply as a record of your jewellery, we offer a comprehensive valuation service on a wide variety of jewellery items from diamond rings to a family heirloom pocket watch.


We offer an in house engraving service with our fully qualified engraver who has 25 years engraving experience on jewellery, silverware, trophies and more.

Whether you want make that special gift more personal or require something more unusual like a chain of office, at Maude’s we’ve got it covered.

We also supply all sporting trophies complete with engraving.

engraving at maudes


Ear Piercing
We pride ourselves on ensuring that all staff carrying out ear piercing have been fully trained and tested on their knowledge and practical piercing skills with the world’s leading ear piercing system by Studex, approved by the department of health.

For over four decades, Studex® has produced the world’s most advanced ear piercing systems, piercing after care and hypoallergenic earrings.

Our commitment has always been to provide safe and gentle products for people with sensitive ears of any age.

studex maudes


Watch Servicing and repair
Your watch is more than just a pretty face (and hands!).

It’s a working machine that needs servicing regularly to maintain its function, appearance and value. A regular service is especially important if it’s automatic. How often it needs to be done varies from brand to brand but every three to five years should keep it ticking over nicely. Our watch specialists will be able to answer all your questions and tell you when it’s time for a service.

Servicing a watch is a hands-on, highly-skilled practice that takes time to develop. If you bring your watch to Maude’s it will either be looked at personally by one of our accredited watch makers, or sent back to the manufacturer if necessary.

Every watch and brand is different but our experienced technicians will do everything they can to help you restore yours.

All watch repairs carry a minimum of 12 month guarantee.

maudes watch service